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Passionate about patients: striving to improve treatments, daring to cure

We start at the beginning of biotech company creation, with scientists and their scientific hypotheses focused on unearthing breakthroughs in human health. We stay involved from the early science to preclinical development, into the clinic and onto the market.

From the Oxford vaccine to new treatments for diseases with limited therapeutic options, we back innovative platform technologies, novel classes of biologics and small molecule therapeutics, vaccines, and cell and gene therapies.

Our companies are preventing and treating a range of diseases...

OMass Therapeutics
OMass pioneers the use of native mass spectrometry to develop treatments addressing previously undruggable targets in immunology and rare genetic diseases
Barinthus Biotherapeutics
Co-creators of the Oxford vaccine for Covid-19, Vaccitech creates ways to treat and prevent infectious diseases and cancer
Theolytics harnesses the natural power of viruses to selectively kill cancer and cancer supporting cells
Nucleome Therapeutics
World leader in 3D genomic analysis, Nucleome decodes the dark matter of the genome to uncover genetic drivers of a variety of diseases, including immunological diseases
Advancing a new generation of genetic therapies, PepGen aims to transform the treatment of neuromuscular diseases
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Katya Smirnyagina

The brilliance of the science is a constant reminder of the privileged and important role we play at the heart of Oxford’s dynamic ecosystem. We’re passionate about supporting our academic founders, who are truly at the forefront of their fields and whose research is recognised consistently among the best in the world.

Katya SmirnyaginaSenior Partner, Life Sciences

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